Thursday, June 30, 2016

Natural Deduction for the Working Logician: a slightly updated syllabus

1. Historical introduction: Jaśkowski and Gentzen
- Foundational context
- The first systems
- In what sense natural deduction is natural
- The year of 1965
2. Prawitz-style Natural Deduction (ND) and its properties
- Normalization
- Strong normalization
3. Other variants of Natural Deduction
4. Translations between systems and between logics
5. Natural Deduction for other logics
- Modal Logics
- Linear Logics
- The system Fat
- The ecumenical system
6.  Do it yourself Natural Deduction – Schematic Rules [what’s an
introduction rule? what’s an elimination rule?]
7. Natural Deduction and some relatives.
- Sequent Calculi
- Tableaux
8. Some advanced topics.

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