Saturday, July 16, 2016

Two courses in parallel, yay!!!

Greg Restall and  Shawn Standefer are teaching another course in Proof Theory at NASSLLI2016

Proof Theory: Logical and Philosophical Aspects

This already makes me happy,  as proof theory is usually the poor cousin of model theory. To have two proof theory courses in the same Summer School is a big win for us.

But more immediately, having the two courses in parallel has proved very useful.  Many in the audience are following both and this makes things easier.  We are concentrating on Natural Deduction, they are concentrating in Sequent Calculus  and we can point at things in their course, to complement observations in ours. and vice versa. Everybody wins.

I meant to have a picture of Greg and  Shawn teaching and writing on the board at the same time,  but I guess I've messed it up, as the picture is not on my phone, sigh... So I have to use this one of Luiz Carlos starting our course. it seems pretty much the only picture I have of the whole NASSLLI. Before we moved  to the Murray building, oh well.

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